In the world wide web a lot of web pages exists but not all are accessible for everyone. For making the web page accessible follow this points:

  • do not use a combination out of red and green as is can not be distinguished by people with a red and green blindness
  • make your page useable with out a mouse for those who do not have a mouse or can not use one
  • offer caption under videos for people who are hard of hearing or have to deal with background noise
  • make the web page readable by a screen reader though coding rightly and not including alt text descriptions on images for blind people
  • avoid too much advertisement as it can distract especially those people who have problems with reading and concentrating.
  • provide the possibility of enlarging the page for people with bad eyes


For identifying how accessible a web page is it can be checke on the web page: WAVE. web accessibility evaluation tool. I did this for Zalando and received this result: 34 erros, 6 alerts, 3 features, 16 structural elements, 26 HTML5 and ARIA, 7 Contrast Errors. I wondered about the 22 empty links and 2 empty buttons as this is very annoying for every user. Partly the text is too small which is uncomfortable for people with bad eyes.

Now I will have a different view on web pages as I understood how important a clear and calm online appearance is. @23ThingsEdUni


In the todays world a lot of emojis especially in social media are used. They should show the feelings or expression of a person. Unfortunately they can be very often misunderstood. While one person means „that’s fine“ with an emoji another suggests for this emoji that „it is not fine at all“. Additionally a lot of human emojis exists. For adopting them to different countries five skin colors are available. This is often used in the wrong or even in a racist way. In my opinion the availability of different skin colors is not racist at all as the inventors had good intentions but it can be misused. Now a new version of emojis are created: bitmojis. They are even more personalized as a whole avatar can be created. Adoptions can be made in every detail thus an bitmojis is very similar to the real person. When the bitmoji is created he is displayed in different situation (f.e. doing sports, eating, sleeping, studying…) and can be send. I like to use bitmojis in snapchat as a lot of different situations and expressions are available. In my opinion they are not important for the business use but make just fun in private life. @23ThingsEdUni

Digital Security

Often smartphones are hacked. This can be avoided by following this steps:

  • watch out for your smartphone, use pins and passwords for the case that it gets stolen
  • record important data about your smartphone (f.e. IMEI number, make and model number) for the case that it gets stolen
  • the software „searching your smartphone“ does not have to be used
  • do continual back-ups.
  • use „save“ apps
  • avoids viruses through appropriate apps
  • do updates when they are offered
  • delete data before giving the smartphone to another person


In the settings of each smartphone it can be checked which app uses which information. I have only a few apps on my smartphone due to capacity and realised that a lot of apps use my location but do not wonder about it as I f.e. want Runtastic to do so. @23ThingsEdUni

Digital Footprint

Everyone knows footprints in snow or sand. But what is a digital footprint ? It is quite similar to the footprints in snow or sand as it shows where you have been in the world wide web. This can be positive or negative. On the one hand people can find you easily and can get an impression about your life. On the other hand incomplete information can lead to wrong pictures. Additionally the digital footprint also shows digital content from others in which you are only mentioned but do not have a direct influence. Googling yourself is good advice for checking what can be seen by strangers. I just found a picture of me receiving the certificate for being a paramedic. In my opinion this picture is allowed to be seen by everyone. So I am content with my digital footprint. @23ThingsEdUni